5 Days Leave for the Vulnerable

From 12 December 2018, the National Employment Standards (NES), under the Fair Work Act 2009, provides all employees, who are experiencing family and domestic violence, with a right to take up to five days as unpaid leave.  In some circumstances, the employee may take this... ... read more »

Changes for Foreign Investors Buying Property In Australia

The Australia Government has made amendments to the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 and also introduced the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Fees Imposition Act 2015 which  affect foreign investors buying property in Australia. Certain changes also affect foreign... ... read more »

Company No More

Statutory demands - being risk aware   A statutory demand[1] may arise due to an unresolved or alleged debt and is a risk to the continued existence of a company.[2]    Australia’s Corporations Act 2001 provides that a company has 21 days to either pay a statutory demand or... ... read more »

Out in the Cold?

Have you been left out of a deceased's will?  There are many aspects to consider.  Listen to Jennifer Cutler discussing this topic on 4CA radio. Click Here to Listen ... read more »

Just and Equitable?

Does your relationship property adjustment have to be just and equitable?  To find out more, listen to Jennifer Hartley on 4CA radio. Click Here to Listen ... read more »