Ken Robinson LL.B 

Ken Robinson


Criminal Law Division

Originally from NSW, Ken completed his schooling in Yass before travelling across Europe for much of his twenties.  After returning home he attended the University of Canberra, completing his Bachelor of Laws and becoming admitted to practice in 2009.

Ken began his career in criminal law as a prosecutor in the ACT before moving to Queensland in 2011 where he practised as a criminal defence solicitor.  Ken has since practised almost exclusively in criminal law as a defence solicitor, working in many locations across Queensland, including Townsville, the South East, South West and Gulf regions.  He also spent a short period of time in Sydney.

Ken has a passion for fairness in the law, always seeking the best outcome for his client in the shortest time frame possible.  He has extensive (more than 10 years) experience in most areas of criminal law in Queensland across all jurisdictions.

Ken joined the criminal law team at O'Reilly Stevens Lawyers in early 2019.